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Disheartened And Desperate!


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:o Hi all, hope your enjoying your weekend!!

In my class, and through out the school really, we have a problem motivating boys and the attainement is falling much lower than the schools. I teach reception and have noticed over the last week some of the boys are beginning to switch off. The girls are really eager to learn and love having a go where as the boys are loosing interest, especially during whole class literacy inputs. I have tried to make them as interactive as possible but there is still a group of boys who loll around on the carpet with 'are we nearly finished' I need to do something quick before i lose them completely. Please help!!

Do you have any intitatives in your schools to raise acheivements in boys and keep them motivated??


From a very disheartened and desperate Lola!

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Hi Lola

Do you have a large class?

I have 32 Reception, and I split into 2 smaller ability groups for Carpet sessions, 1 by me and 1 by TA, for some activities, this works well, and concentration is good.

Boys respond to outdoor led activities, and practical 'hands on', so I try hard to include things like that to motivate them.

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Guest Wolfie

Lola, whereabouts in the country are you? I ask because I've been to a course at Early Excellence in Huddersfield today and I noticed that they are running one all about motivating boys in the Foundation Stage during the Summer Term.


You should be able to find details of the course on their website if you are interested.

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