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Had An Interesting Chat With My Tutor Today...


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I recieved a letter this morning from the university saying that I had failed my first module's coursework and would have to do it again in June. With the week that I have had, you can imagine the panic attack that ensued (I do suffer with panic attacks from time to time anyway!). I promptly got onto the college who assured me that there had been a administrative error on the part of the college and that my coursework (both parts) actually passed. What a relief.


My tutor then went on to ask me about the latest job fun I have been having. I explained the situation to her and she feels that my 'problem' is that I find it difficult to seperate professional and personal reactions/feelings to situations but that once I manage to sort this out, I should 'flourish'.


So I have decided to fill in a personal development plan for my portfolio on this but was wondering how I would go about it. So far I have written that the aim is to seperate professional and personal reactions to situations by first making sure I have a full understanding of the policies and procedures, recording and reflecting on particular situations before acting, to identify whether or not they actually need a reaction at all and if so, how to go about this. I'm sure I need to add more as to how I am going to achieve this though.


Any ideas would be fab. Thanks in advance



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Hi Clare,

What a relief and a bit naughty of them! xD

I understand exactly where you are coming from with your personal plan I too have that problem however thinking about it my 3years as supervisor has helped enormously! :)

At the beginning because I took over from someone who was held in high regard and had been there 15years i took every single problem as a criticism.

As my confidence has grown and we have had 2 brilliant ofteds in that time I have relaxed a little and i feel i am much more professional in my approach.

Although i am aware there is room for improvement still :D

I stop and think before i respond for instance with staff issues i will think it thru how am I going to approach it and deal with it at meetings or appraissals.

When parents problems or issues come up I address the issue calmly and professionally and take on board what is being said and then say i will look into the matter and get back to them I always go over with them what their issues are to make sure we are clear what is being said to me.Then i gather allthe facts from staff and if approprate children and go back to them with a stratergy to put in place and a feedback date.

I am lucky in that I have good friends on board who i can discuss it with later who have experience and common sense and ofcourse in confidence on this board!

However I know there is still improvemnts to be made but I wonder wether only experience of these things can make you wiser and will be following your post with interest. :o

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