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Hi there,


I have an interview next week for a Thurs & Friday temp job share position until end of year coming up in a Yr 1 class close to home.

I am cutting my hours down after Easter and doing Monday - weds only in my current position as a mixed Rec/yr1 teacher at a school an hour away.

This job seems perfect and will hopefully make my life a lot easier and perhaps open doors for Sept in this school or another local one.

Really hopeful that will be successful but its a tough one and could just use a few wise words please or advice/ideas.


I have been asked to take a Year2 class PSHE lesson for 45minutes first before my formal interview.

(I haven't taught Year2 since 1 of my teaching practices 5 years ago!! HELP!)

Anyway I am sure it will be fine. If any of you have had any experience recently (more so than me!) in this year group and/or subject I would love to hear from you.

Yes - I do know this is a FS forum!?! But needs must...


The theme is 'Good to be me' and I have already looked at the related KS1 SEAL materials. I am in the process of highlighting good bits and formatting a lesson plan.


Possibles include...


Thought starter of circle time passing around mirror (or puppet) and stating things we like about ourselves inside or out or somehting we feel we are good at.


As a creative/active main actvity thought perhaps take in a large cut out card tree (Good to be me tree! He he he) and get the children to draw around their hands and writing inside fingers 5 positive things about themselves and drawing picture with name in palm. Cut out and at end in plenary all sticking them onto the tree to celebrate ourselves alongside some feel good music.


What do you think- or am I barking up the wrong tree literally!


Feel I will welcome any suggestions but do need to try and narrow my focus. Keep searching and looking at PSHE resources til coming out of my ears!!


Thanks for all looking! :)



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Guest tinkerbell

Lisa ,your ideas sound lovely.(I taught yr1/2 for many years).I think the 45 mins sounds about right for what you have planned.Would you write down key words from the circle time for the children to copy down onto the fingers (for the strugglers?)Could you perhaps get them to work with a friend who could tell what there friend was good at?

Good luck,you sound 'sorted' why are you doing the lesson in a yr2 class when the job is for yr1?


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Thanks tinkerbell just hearing you say that I feel very reassured! Thanks :D


I will create key words for the strugglers at beginning I think yes.


I know what you mean about the year group! I did ask that when I phoned to arrange Cd player as resource earlier this week as thought it was strange. I was told it is something to do with ppa cover or lack of it for the year 1 class and they know it is not ideal and will be taken into account so has to be in the year 2. I didn't want to pry any further.


Was secretly hoping it was a typo!


Cheers again


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Anyone else anything to add please?


Won't have time to check over weekend as visiting crufts on Sat - random I know but going along with a friend!



Nervous it's getting closer





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Hi Lisa

ideas sound great - haven't taught Y2 myself for while but wonder whether you need a warm-up game/activity to break the ice as children don't know you. something that combined ideas to get children thinking about what they like about themselves might be good - a quick think of an action rhyme could be along lines of 'its good to be me because I can...(jump), I can...(jump), I can...(jump), 'its good to be me because I can...(jump), I am special. (mulberry bush tune) - you could have 2/3 actions preprepared or accept ideas from the children.


Hope it goes well.

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