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Investigation Table For Ofsted


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We have ofsted on thurs and i am just writing some questions to include on our investigation table. On thursday we will have a variety of seeds, beans and magnifying glasses on there. My mind has gone blank _ in the panic i think_ and i'm struggling to think of questions to put out any ideas? also would you include anything else on the table o make it more interesting?



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Guest flutter

Paper, pencil crayons for their own recording.

Non-fiction books about growing, gardening etc

Sorting trays

Pictures of flowers and seeds from magazines

Gardening magazines/ seed and flower catalogues

Seed packets

A velcro board parts of the plant and labels




Where do these seeds come from?

What do they grow into?

What do seeds need to help them grow?

Does the shoot grow first?

Do all plants have flowers?


Hope these help. Will try to think of more.


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If you put some cress seeds out tomorrow on moist cotton wool you should see some germination by Thursday. The children could compare these to seeds left on dry cotton wool.

You could try putting some dried peas in water on Weds afternoon - the children should notice a big difference in colour and size by Thursday.

Try standing some cut flowers in coloured water for the next few days to see where the water goes (I find the school's dafs work really well in diluted red food dye).

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