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Hi, we use jolly phonics and Sounds Write for our phonics teaching, and focus on teaching segmenting, blending and wordbuilding skills once the children have learnt the first six sounds that are taught. The children that I teach for phonics are really good at wordbuilding, but I would like to play a wider variety of games during whole class wordbuilding sessions


At the moment, the chil dren love 'In the Dustbin' which is a variation on hangman, but personally I'm getting sick of it!!!! Does anyone else have any other word building games which are good for whole class sessions


Looking forward to your ideas





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I play a three in a row game on the whiteboard with my children. Its a bit like noughts and crosses, I use smartnotebook format and draw a noughts and crosses grid. In each square I write a different word, for e.g this week we are focussing on the 'ai' sound e.g rain, pain, snail, train etc. I split the class into 2 teams (red and green) and play the it a bit like a game show (microphones etc!) Each team has a turn at reading a word on the grid, if they get it right they get a red or green blob on their word. Fisrt team to get three in a row is the winner.

Does this make sense? :o

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