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I was reading through some of the latest reports recently published for our area, and noticed that one recommendation was that the Complaints Policy supplied the up to date contact address for OFSTED. Does anyone from the Lincolnshire area know if it has changed recently as I wasn't aware of any changes - but then I haven't had anything in writing from them in ages.What I have is:

The Frontage

Queen Street



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Hi Weightman

We got picked up on this during our last inspection!


Ofsted has some sort of change around and all the 'local' offices were closed but I can't remember when!


There is now the Head Office in London (Alexandra House 33 Kingsway WC2B 6SE)

and three regional offices:


North Regional Centre

Royal Exchange Buildings St. Ann's Square, Manchester M2 7LA



Midlands Regional Centre

Building C, Cumberland Place Park Row, Nottingham NG1 6HJ



South Regional Centre

Freshford House Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6NL



However, for the purposes of supplying contact details for complaints - all complaints should be made to the Manchester office irrespective of where the setting is located. The telephone number is 08456 404040 I know it off by heart as the inspector picked us up for having the incorrect number in our policy! :o


Hope this helps.

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We got picked up on it at our inspection too, apparently all groups were sent a memo about this. Unfortunately for us we never saw it. The inspector told me that it was on the Ofsted web site. The Manchester office was the one we were told too, even though it is not our regional office.

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If you look at this thread there is a poster that all settings should display with the complaints contact number. Apparently the inspectors are looking for this at every setting.


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