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Hi... hope you all had / are having a good half-term...


i'm back in tomorrow so thought i'd better spare a thought to what i'm doing this week... :o


anyhow, we're doing length and as 'Measures' is our whole-school focus we always invite parents in to see what kind of things we do...


and I want to make sure that there's plenty for everyone to be doing... and so I thought I'd check on here and dip into this rich fountain of brillaint ideas that everyone always seems to have... any good ideas for doing length? xD

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Ourselves - how tall we are - create a height chart

Buildings - skyscrapers, flats, bungalows etc

Bricks - how tall

stretchy playdough - how long can we stretch it - measure with a ruler

bricks how long can we make it and how many will it take to get across the room

Use newspapers, wool to measure things

Measure hands and feet and wellies and shoes, possibly hair

Use torch in darkened room to see how far it projects

Make lengths of beads, involve sequencing etc

Do lots of guesstimating on heights of things and create a bar chart

Animals - who is tallest, shortest

Make colourful snakes of different lengths and colour/paint

Use a map of the world and measure disntance from country to country

Create sunflower pictures of differing heights for comparison

In fact you can probably measure anything but my brain hurts and my dinners ready I will think on some more






And what about spaghetti - long and short

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Put wet sand into tights and see how far they stretch! Does one scoop of wet sand stretch them aw much as one scoop of dry sand? Grear fun and lots of language :D

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also put wet sand into gloves and socks. when we did this we got lots of conversation and observations done .

Even weeks after the children ask for socks in the sand.

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Length is not height, it goes along the floor not from the floor to the ceiling although we do talk about the length of curtains or trousers etc and measure them up rather than along but I think children need to know there is a difference and would not use self for comparisons of length other than when they are lying down on the floor ie I am longer / shorter than the table.


Ive made mice with different lengths of string/ wool for tails and had great fun measuring against the tails to find things that are longer or shorter.

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I understand the point you are making, Susan, but length does not have to be along the floor - it is the distance from one end to another. Height, however, is the distance above a fixed point. Tights can therefore stretch to different lengths. I don't think this is a problem for Reception children, though it may be for younger ones?

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