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Hi Toro

By sleep chart, do you mean to record each child's sleeps or to record the checks made on them while they are asleep?


We record all times child go down, the time they slept until on a chart in the kitchen area. These details are transfered to their 'My Day' booklets they take home each session. We also do sleep checks which is a laminated A4 sheet, with table showing the names of children in the sleep room and the checks made every ten minutes. The box is ticked or a note made. Being laminated its wiped clean at the end of each day.

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We use a whiteboard which is divided up by lines for different children.


The staff record what time the child was put down and by whom (initials). They then initial and record the time everytime they check them, and also put whether they were awake or asleep - as some children take a while to drop off.


Before the child goes home, they transfer the sleep time into their keyworker book. Some parents prefer to check the board.

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