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I have a member of staff leaving tommorow, i read somewhere that it is beneficial to do an exit from work interview, have any of you done one and if so what do you ask,

your help would be greatly appreciated.





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I had to do one in my last job. I wanted to use it as an opportunity to be really honest about my reasons for leaving, but there were a series of tick boxes, that seemed to be aimed at the company coming out sounding good, whichever one you ticked.


There was a comments box though, which I filled up - so I would recommend that.


I was also given the option of filling it out:


a. with my manager

b. with another manager

c. on my own.


I felt more comfortable filling it out on my own, and felt I could be more honest.

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Yes, Suzanne, you did get it from here!


It's a copy of one I completed for a company where I had a dreadful experience with the Manager from hell! I enjoyed being able to make some 'constructive criticism' :o



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Haha! Good for you Sue! People must have been making so much 'constructive criticism' in their exit interviews that our head refuses to do them anymore! :D

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