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I don't generally follow a theme in my 1-2 year room, but i sometimes make a display as this stimulates lot's of language from them.


Anyway I'm looking for an idea based around animals (farm, zoo etc) I have done Old Mcdonald before but i was trying to think of a book maybe. I'm at a loss, brain not working :o


It needs to be quite simple, but interesting to look at.


Any ideas???? xD:D:D gratefully received!!

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One idea I use with my reception class can be used with all age groups (i use it for my ks2 art club too) is camouflage.

Get the children to pick a picture of an animal from the internet, or have some ready and stick to a piece of A3 paper. The children have to look closely at the colours in the animals and use those colours on the rest of the paper, like camouflage. We often use pastels coz they cover quite a lot of space and are very tactilr to use and rub in, create effects with.

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Dorling Kingsley books about animals growing facinated children that I have worked with - I had one about a rabbit which showed it as newborn (what looked like a pink alien!) - very different from the cute and fluffy white ones that children had as pets! Other books that I can think of:


Rumble in the Jungle

Dear zoo

Sally and the Limpet

Commotion in the ocean


actually thinking about try this link http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/books/animals.html :D oh how I love sparklebox! :oxD

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