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This is my topic next half term and I am struggling with planning ideas. I have searched the forums and found some odd bits. The Hamilton Trust topic looks good but I don't want to have to pay £28+ for it. Does anyone have any inspiration for me?


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We have used Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish to talk about looking after our environment and related it to PSE

Think its called the Dinosaur stomp (not sure) but its a lovely book for rhyme


Ten terrible dinosaurs


We bought an inflatable dinosaur play mat from ELC and set up a dinosaur world and used a program called colour magic to print out dinosaur pictures and labelled them with the names and displayed these round the table. The children loved learning the names and using the pictures to label their own drawings. They also used model dinosaurs for sorting and were quite inventive with their criteria for groups.


We measured out a dipladocus on the ground outdoors and paced out its length

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There's a book called 'Dinosaur roar' too



Dinosaur rhyme:


Five enormous dinosaurs

Letting out a roar--

One went away, and

Then there were four.

Four enormous dinosaurs

Crashing down a tree--

One went away, and

Then there were three.


Three enormous dinosaurs

Eating tiger stew--

One went away, and

Then there were two.


Two enormous dinosaurs

Trying to run--

One ran away, and then there was one.


One enormous dinosaur,

Afraid to be a hero--

He went away, and

Then there was zero.


other dinosaur ideas:


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Do you have a builders tray? You could do dinosaur land - logs, leaves, etc I put a bit of sand in the bottom of mine but you could use grit.

Billy and the bucket of dinosaurs.

I managed to do a big footprint outside and the children had fun guessing who it was.


We had fun this week tapping syllables in the childrens and dinosuar names and then adding osaurus to theirs ie. Arranosaurus, Amberosaurus.


Samuel has some lovely numbers on dinosaurs (1-20) on his sparklebox website. I got them and laminated them and hung them up in the bushes outside. Didnt tell the children they were there and they begun to collect them and put them in order.

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There's the Harry and the Dinosaurs books as well by Ian Whybrow - I've got Romp in the Swamp in front of me and there's several others including Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, Harry and the Dinosaurs play Hide and Seek and Harry and the Dinosaurs have a Very Busy Day.


I went to a training day run by Helen Bromley about outdoor play and she had some fantastic ideas for supplying the props to go with these books and letting the children role play them.

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