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Hello All

Does anyone use Numicon in their setting and if so do you have any inspirational/new ideas on how you use it or tips you could share.

Many thanks

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Hi Susan

Yes we have this and I've been on a Numicon course. I am now doing an inset on it and just wondered if anyone had any new ideas.

We use it primarily with SEN children starting in foundation - it is a long term material i.e. you need to perservere with it a few times each week as children need to be able to build up an image of it in their heads. Once children have that imagery it all starts to come together and it can be applied to other numeracy tasks, but it does take a long time for children to get used to it, once they are used to it though it is fantastic resource. The thing I don't like about it is the pegs - I find them too fiddly.

Thanks for your replies

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Hi Jo,


Was wondering if you could please share any of the ideas you already have for using Numicon? I was not aware of it until was looking through the resources in my new classroom this year.


I teach a child with Special Educational Needs and any help on getting him to count and use mathematical equipment would be gratefully received. He has Fragile X syndrome and although not statemented yet he often works 1:1 with a TA.


I have often thought it looks a fairly useful piece of equipment but not sure where to begin as cannot find any instructional booklet etc.


If you have any handouts or powerpoints you might post or be willing to email please let us know.


Many Thanks




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Do you have the cards that go with the numicon set?

If you do they give you a step by step approach to it.

Let me know what pieces you have and I will give you some ideas on how to use them

I'll email some ideas and instructions to you next week when I'm back in school


There are among others:

Numicon plates



Feely bag

Number lines


White Boards and overlays



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Hi Jo




I think I literally only have the white 'bobbly' style peg boards with the flat various shapes and holed pieces in a bag to go with them (did you say they were overlays?) all in a horrible old brown tray.

Maybe haven't got the most up to date stuff then.

Haven't seen any cards or other bits and bobs but will certainly have another look when back next week.


Thanks again





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