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we have a little boy who is just 4 and is off to school in september,


our concerns are:


he will not speak to any of the children in the nursery

he will play alone 90% of the day

the other 10% is he will just run around and likes to get 'silly' but there is still no commuication

he will move himself away at times from children

he will talk a little to staff

he will talk a lot to mum/dad

he will engage in activities

it is hard to get his attention , we have to get right down and make good eye contact and repeat a task more then once - hearing is fine.


we have spoke to mum/dad and have made detailed observation

we have had ongoing small group sessions to build confidence/ bringing activities from home, captured his interests.


is it just his personality?


he is a happy little boy and he is off to school soon and feel frustrated as he hasn't improved in the last few months and what is the next step for him???? :o


any other ideas would be grateful


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The observations that you have made about your little boy show that you DO have concerns about his development, whether jusitifed or not - have you got an advisory SENCO that you could contact that might come in and do some further observations of him and support you with advice and tips? We had a little boy displaying VERY similar behaviours to those you have listed and we hesitated and hesitated for months before going with our instincts and getting advice and support because we didn't consider ourselves "experts". Without claiming that our two little boys are the same, our child has now been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, possibly Asperger's syndrome.


I think the fact that you have made this post on the forum shows that you do have concerns that you would like to follow up - trust your professional judgement! I'm sure you'll get lots more friendly and helpful advice from others on here too!

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Well, I'm following this one closely, because your little boy sounds like one of ours! We are working closely with him and parents, he has been referred to Speech Therapist although mum and dad are not really concerned - apparently he's a real chatterbox at home. They felt that we wouldn't have said anything unless we felt it necessary and just want the best for him. How's that for trust in us as professionals!!


Please keep us posted and I'll do the same, if you like.



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