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Birth To Three Matters Records


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I have been desperately trying to get my hands on a Surrey Birth to Three Toolkit - the one with the records booklets in - but Surrey EY Dept won't let me have one because I am a nanny and therefore not eligible for their help (GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!)


I managed to borrow the CD from a local nursery to copy, but I can't open any of the PDF files. Has anyone either got a copy of the CD Rom and can send me the 4 PDF files for the records, or does anyone know where I can get some good Birth to Three Matters recording sheets online. I looked at the Worcester Council website but the Surrey ones are really simple and I want something easy to do.


It may be that someone has a set they have produced for their setting which they may be prepared to share with me.

I would appreciate anything as I need to upgrade my record keeping as part of the EYPS - I can't even contemplate at this moment in time beginning from scratch given I have never even looked at a record sheet for this age group! I usually write everything long hand!


Many Thanks in advance

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