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I am a final year student needing help with my special study about leadership in early years. I would be very grateful if you could spend 5 mins answering a few questions. :o


1)Do you feel confident as a leader?


if so, how do you feel this confident was built?


if not, why?


2)Have you ever had or been offered training on leadership? (please state name & comment about it).


3) Do you feel more support should be provided for leadership in early years?


4) How would you describe your leadership skills?


5) Do you feel your leadership skills affect your daily work? if so, how?


Thankyou for answering my questions this will be very helpful!!


Fell free to reply to my email: mudpants_uk@yahoo.co.uk xD

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Do you want replies from people other than EY group leaders?


Are you talking about leadership skills in general or only as job definition?



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thanks alot for your replies, the more the better so please keep them coming (tell a friend).

I'm currently at university but i'm hoping to teach in the foundations stage or early key stage 1.

the leadership questions apply to anyone in the primary or foundation stage setting. any responses will be most useful. leadership is an area that i feel slightly worried about and decided to use my research to find out about what is available.

please keep updating me.

thanks alot

Donna :D

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Hi Stressed student,

Have you come across the ELMES research project, which was designed to help improve management and leadership skills in the early years? It was a project directed by Janet Moyles...there was an article in last week's Nursery World supplement.

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