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Reflecting Positive Images Of Disability


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In our last OFSTED inspection we were told to "increase the range of resources which reflect positive images of disability".


I am not sure how to go about this without making it look very contrived! Please could you let me know how you promote this in your settings? I know there are dolls and books available (at a cost), but I'm not sure how to incorporate these successfully.


Thanks for any help!

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I understand what you mean by 'contrived' i feel the same way about images of cultural differences. The terms themselves 'disability' and 'differences' can be perceived as negative and exclusive.on their own.


It is about 'attitudes' rather than images derived from publications of 'unknown' persons. I would suggest having a staff meeting and talk about how you can enable the children in your setting to have a positive view towards 'people' as a whole, recognising that some people experience prejudice for a variety of reasons. Approach the issues from the context of the children's current understanding.


Books / stories I feel are a good resource to use to approach development of open minded attitudes. Such as Elmer, rainbow fish, etc. I find books which relate specifically to a particular disability can sometimes 'segregate' by form of focus on the individuals disability rather than personality.


I have a lovely story ( which the title escapes me) about a group of lads who all have wheels, one a scooter, one roller skates and one a wheelchair, and one a bike. The story is about their racing adventure and not specific to the wheelchair, just a group of lads enjoying each others company in the park. :D I will look up the title for you tomorrow.



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