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Elgs/ Skills Coverage In Non-topic Planning


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Does anyone have a system to monitor coverage and progression of skills which children cover in the FS?


Do you have designated ELGs planned for each term or do you cover the majority each term?


How do you plan for CLL and MD in Reception at medium term level?


Does anyone have a list of skills which you cover in CD and KUW each term/ year e.g materials, light, etc in KUW and colour mixing, weving, etc in CD and how do you plan for these in light of child initiation?


I'm sorry for series of questions and hope someone can help!


Thanks Cx

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Hi Cazza, not sure if this helps but we do a mix really. For CLL and MD I tend to find that there are stepping stones/ELGs that need constant revisiting or are ongoing. However, there are certain things that I will do a week of or longer if appropriate e.g if our role play is a shop then I use this opportunity to reinforce money/weight as well as number. I highlight profile statements at the end of each half term so I can see if there are any evident 'gaps' , I then look for ways of promoting these within the setting via play/focussed activity experiences. In terms of CD and K+U, etc our LEA has published some topic plans that cover every profile area and also the NLS and NNS are used where relevant, although I try to use only the FS guidance until easter as this is the statutory requirement -it's the push from above that requires me to begin formal referencing at this time plus transition to Year 1.

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