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I know that someone on here will be able to help.

I have just read a letter in our local paper from someone who's friend went to enquire at a nursery for a place for their child. The friend asked about staff qualifications and police checks, and if the nursery was insured ect, she also asked to see the asbestos register.

No one has ever asked this question of our group, and as we rent our premises from the Church should they be the ones who hold it (according to the letter all non domestic premises must hold one), or is it our responsibility and if so how do we get one.



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I know the law was changed in the last few years so that all premises had to have checks and then work may have been carried out to get it removed.


Not sure on how you go about getting the checks done, but a quick search on the internet took me to The health and safety executive website


Hope you can find out what you want!

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Guest Praesus Infelix

We rent a room in part of the school. The school as Landlords hold the asbestos log and the caretaker is required to organise the maintenance so that he can keep the log up to date. Although, if we want to put up boards or hooks, we frequently "forget" to arrange it with the caretaker and he frequently "forgets" to ask us about it. I thought they had a log because there is some asbestos in the building, I didn't realise it was a universal requirement. It's very definitely the Landlords responsibility, though.

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Agree, I rent a scout hall, I recall about 2 years ago they had an asbestos check, they hold the report, they informed us there is asbestos in the roof / attic :o , but it is at a no risk level.




just remembered I took a photo copy and placed it in my risk assessment file. :)

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