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Morning all


We have a child whom has had an operation 'down below' and needs to be watched closely from Monday onwards for the following 6 weeks and then will be in similar situation in a few months time when they will have another operation. The child can't climb, straddle equipment, run about, etc etc.


Mum is happy for him to come to pre-school and we are very happy to have him back. But how would you approach the situation? Would his keyworker keep a closer eye on him than normal or would you get in another member of staff? If so, is there funding available for this sort of short time physical need?


Many thanks everyone.


You are all great for the advice and support you give.

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Good question vicarage farm. I would think that the level of 'supervision' required depends on the child, is the child mature enough to understand and know his/her current limitations? Is the child normally a very active person who will need constant reminders to 'take it easy?


It often amazes me how my children know what they are allowed/not allowed to do, ie: can't have certain foods or milk from the open access snack bar.


If there is a need for extra supervision, I am surprised that this hasn't been mentioned by parent prior to the operation so that you had time to arrange it. Not sure about funding, I would assume each area of the country has various different resources that may, or may not be avialable for this.


I had a recent operation 'down below' just prior to christmas, was told no driving for 2 weeks, no work for 6 weeks. I actually went back to work on the 3rd week after the op, took it easy in terms of moving furniture etc. Main reason was risk to stiches and muscles needing time to heal and strengthen. The medication I was given (painkillers) were useful at first but then actually hid my natural ability to tell if I was straining the muscle too much, so I did stop taking them sooner than I should have. I found it quite difficult to stop myself moving in 'normal' ways to allow the healing process, ie: when getting up from sitting, really had to be slow and careful not to excert or strain the abdominal muscle. It is amazing how much muscle is used just standing at a sink, washing up!!

So, just a thought, there may also be issues around medication as well to consider.

I would suggest involving the child as much as possible in talks about his/her care needs at this time, listening to the child as well as the child understanding his/her need to listen to basic rules which will enable a quicker recovery.


Good luck, and here's hoping the child makes a full and quick recovery.



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we once had twins who had both legs broken in an op for clicky hips we were given funding for a 1:2 altho obviosly they needed mvoing around and there were two of them but it was some years back,try asking your 'children and families'department (local surestart)must be worth a try

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