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Hello everyone,

I'm a F2 teacher working in FSU with one full time TA who runs F1 and another TA who works 18 hours. We have 30 F2 children and 13 F1's. We had ofsted in September and our FSU came out with an outstanding grade which was fab. Now you may wonder why I want a change!


The main reason is because I feel that we are still too formal and we don't actually work as a unit except in an afternoon.


I quite fancy doing my topic work in the morning and then literacy and numeracy on alternative afternoons so that I can have a full run through with it. I feel this way the children will become excited and interested in what we are doing as soon as they arrive at school and also, all of the children will start the day together. (we do our topic introductions altogether, but do lit and num separately)


Does anyone else do their literacy or numeracy in the afternoons? If yes, how does it work?

I feel that it may calm the children down after a hectic lunch hour and it may also be a more focused way to end the day.


Please would you share your opinions with me. I would be very grateful.

Thank you sooooo much.

Boogie x

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we are a fsu with 43 full time children and 24 part time children each session.

there are 2 n.ns and 2 teachers that work in the unit.

on a morning the part time children gather together for a story/sing song that lasts about ten minutes.

the full time children are split into two groups ,the red and the green.

At the beginning of the session there is one member of staff on the door to welcome in the children

one member with the part time children and then the other two staff take either the red or the green group.

one group do literacy in the morning and the other does numeracy, and then swap in the afternoon.

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