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We got our analysis through today from last years profiles. On average children acheived between 6 and 7 points. Intheory this should be 'okay' as our LEA had advised us that children should on average be acheiving 6 points. However the head called me in the office today as he is not happy as our results are still higher (quite a bit higher in some cases) than the national average and the LEA. According to the LEA results and National Average results in some cases only 43% of children achieved 6 points or above.

I am now concerned and was just wondereing what others results were like?

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I was at a meeting about this last night - analysing FS data. It stated that our expectation is Point 6, and that we need to improve the % of children achieving point 6 and above in PSE and CLL within our LA. Our LA showed that Knowledge and Understanding, Physical and Creative were below National Average, as was Reading and Writing within CLL.

It was all interesting, but the important message is to look at the context of your own school, and relate that explicitly when writing your SEF.

I think as Foundation Stage Co-ordinators, Leaders etc, some people like myself need support on analysing data from all sources. I have got my head around it, but it takes time to analyse!

For Ofsted:

Does data give a reasonable picture of standards and progress?

Does it raise issues about achievement in KS1 and KS2?

What does it tell you about priorities on entry to Nursery or Reception?

What does the FSP tell you about strengths and weaknesses in provision?

What action is currently being taken to improve achievement?

How will the improvement be measured?

(The norm!)

Hope this might help!

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we had the same problem so we are using heartfordshires comparison scales (a FSP 6 being around a NC level 1c) and we have improved the ELGs by making sure we are all asking for the same things ie knows "some" letters we have decided they need to know at least 15. It has helped us alot.

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