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Im trying to put together a pack for parents/chil;dren about their progress. This is to include home/family info, pets, likes/dislikes, photos , observations and work samples. Does anyone know where I could look at a example of this type of thing? We are a new daycare/nursery and would welcome some help. :o

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Haven't got an example as such, but we have something simialr.


we have a file that is split into sections so for birth to three matters it is split into the four areas of birth to three, and for the foundation stage it is split into the six areas of foundation stage. each section has several pieces of blank paper used for staff to stick post it note obesrvations in (under relevant section) and for staff to put general observations in. Photographs are also included, as are children's work. when they begin to get work in they look great, each child has their picture on the front and their age at time of starting folder.

Parents love it :D



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