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We operate a small F.S unit A.M only in a small primary school. I have an excellent T.A My F2 children move into the KS1 room for P.M.that two other teachers share as a jobshare To operate as a F.S.unit with 3 year olds in the only room we have with just 2 adults, the routine has to be different to a reception only class running in a primary school. We have to have a balance between focused and C.I activities, inside, outside play, and time for good observations. My problem is that I cannot do this and fit in all Phonics, maths, handwriting, writing, reading checking letter sounds and key words frequently enough. I feel very frustrated as my children seem to be falling between 2 curriculums. I had an advanced skills teacher in to look at provision for Year R who has not taught in a F.U.It was at my request but the afternoon provision was not looked at!!She suggested I focus on the 6 Year R, and not worry that my younger ones don't always get a focus time. It seems as if I'm expected to turn a part of my room into a Reception class only area. We see quality play and good links in learning being made with the room set up in areas and children using planning cards. Ofsted were very complimentary recently. How do other people in F;S units operate through the whole day and am I imagining a dilemna where there isn't one?

Regards Lynda

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