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Phonics In Nursery Through To Reception


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Hi I wonder if anyone can help what i would like is the natural progression of learning intial letter sounds and how this is supposed to progress through to the end of reception. I really want to know what other people do and whether we should be formally teaching intial letter sounds in nursery. Does it hurt to teach them the jolly phonic actions or should it still be discrete. HELP im confused with all the new initatives that have come out.

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I would say it partly depends on what the Reception class that your children will move to do. When I taught in Reception we did Jolly Phonics so it would have been really useful for children to know some of the actions. However, in my current school we use a completely different scheme so I am trying not to use too many of the actions with my Nursery class. Might be worth trying to have a chat with the Reception teacher.


Have you had a look at the Playing with Sounds materials? This shows a progression from Step 1/Early step 2 (Nursery) through to Steps 2-6 (Reception) and beyond.


I am working on rhyme, rhythm and hearing initial sounds in spoken words with my class at the moment. We look at letters that come up incidentally or that are in the children's names, but don't formally introduce them yet.


The other thing I am going to start working on is oral segmentation and blending e.g. saying a word in a robotic voice (c-a-t) and asking the children if they can hear what the word is. I know this is something my Reception children would have found useful.

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we work from playing with sounds in our nursery - step 1 and early step 2. My ablest/oldest children are working on card 5/6 - rhyming strings and initial sounds. majority are working on rhyme and alliteration. younger/ less able are distinguishing everyday sounds.


In final term we do have a focus letter a day and I do use our own version of the jolly phonics jingles and actions to support this.


All feeds in well to our reception class.

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