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I have the Beam Mini Maths 1 and 2 books (suitable for both N and R) and they are absolutley fantastic for dipping into. The books are organised into topics such as Bears, Hands, Sand, Bodies, Pennies etc to name just a few. You are given a variety (about 12) of play based activities to do for each topic and each activity is divided into: resources; key questions; challenges (differentiation for lower and higher given); key vocab and Assessment opportunities. Make Maths planning very easy - Ofsted did comment on how wonderful the FS Maths planning was when they came and it was taken straight out of one of the books. :o They were recommened to me on a NQT maths course I went on last year and have been an absolute godsend.

As Susan says there is no Beam scheme however there is a file 'Starting Out' which we have purchased through school which covers both N and R and this takes each ELG in turn and gives you an overview of the progression through the goal, lots of ideas for child-initiated play, important words and phrases, ideas for adult led activities and opportunities to cover the ELG throughout the day, gives examples, e.g. in the outdoor area, malleable area, sand table, etc. Also gives you a guide for assessing children's development for each ELG - 'if a child does this . . . then they may be on this step (yellow, blue, green, etc).

I honestly cannot remember how I managed without my BEAM resources!

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