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Hi Happy new Year to all,

just wondering if anyone knows of any publications or materials that would be helpful when planning for more able children in reception. I have 2 very able children and Im quickly running out of ideas of activities to plan for them. I have been on standards site and only found 'challenging pupils in KS1 for maths' I am probably just hopeless at searching on that site as I never find anything. If anyone has any ideas I'd grately appreciate them :D


kat xx

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Happy new year to you too Kat, just catching up on forum news - back to work tomorrow (aargh!). I've found this link which may/may not help: http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/database/able.html

I did hear that there was going to be something called 'Bright sparks in the early years' as a guide to teaching able/gifted but have searched this and it doesn't seem to be a relevant link, only an award scheme, unless it's not an active thing yet - maybe someone else might be wiser!!



PS the new froggy avatar resembles me showing my fatter tummy after eating so much over Christmas and New Year!!!

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Guest tinkerbell

hi kat

Just reading through some literacy /poetry stuff i am going to work from this term.downloaded from Primary framework site and they suggest

www.nc.net/gt/general/05 environment.htm

Don't know if it is of any use?



Wll that web site doesnt work

Why do they do this???supposed to be a brand new framework :o



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