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Lack of sleep from a New Years Party is not fun!! :( :rolleyes: We didn't get to bed until 2am and I got woke up at 5am by rain and wind lashing the bedroom window for 3/4 of an hour. :unsure: I did finally get up by 11 am only to have a headache. Does not bode well for studing then.


This will teach me for having last week of studying when I have got a portfolio to complete by next Friday and oh boy is it boring yawn yawn! Then after loosing my seen paper test sheet on the computer I need to again complete this by next Tuesday. :o:(


So word of warning if tired don't try to study as I have made so many mistakes today and thats just typing up what I wrote from before christmas. Goodness knows what would happen if I had to write it up from scratch! :wacko:


It is bedtime yet! :( All this studying is making me more tired, I wished I never started it today. Oh well it looks like a long hard week is in front of me. xDxD




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I can empathise, I need a large dose of self discipline to get on with doing my annual accounts ( which I beleive win hands down in the most boring task category :wacko: :o )


It doesn't help that hubby is in the same room playing on his old Commodore Amiga 32 ( reliving his youth xD ) the sound of the joypad clicking away is a tad distracting. xD


Still, can't complain he will have to stop soon to cook dinner :(


and as always the forum is such a great place to be when in 'avoidance mode' :(


Just a few more posts to catch up on then I must log off and get on with it, £100 fine if not done is my nagging motivator :(



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Know the feeling Beth. Our NYE celebrations didn't end until nearly 6 this morning and then I was up being Mummy at 8. Sooooo much still to cram in, but fortunately, had my mother-in-law to stay over Christmas so she entertained Natalie whilst I did some work.


Wasn't so up for it today, it has to be said but am going to do a couple of hours now. The big day is tomorrow and fortunately I have booked the day off wrok for my last minute preparations! Good luck though hun, I'm sure you'll be fine!

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Know the feeling I've been studying a lot over the holidays lucky enough to have time off work,

didn't even attempt any study yesterday after the way things have been going!!

I seem to have been going round in circles!!


Having lost my work on the computer twice decided to do hand written notes this morning and ended up tearing up a crutial piece of paper by mistake!! xD


And then it's back to work tomorrow feel all I've done is think about work and college with only christmas day and NYE off :o

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