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Get motivated to complete the Core Skills for FD module. I have started some parts of the portfolio but now I just cannot be bothered to finish it! :( It is soo boring!!!!!!!! It really just tells me all what I know already, like I know that I am a visual/reflective learner, need to update my GCSEs in English, Maths and Science. To develop my communication and numeracy skills to level 2! :(


I am now stuck on how to evaluate some of the tests that we sat, I did ask the tutor who is very useless, she cannot get our attention and talks in the same tone of voice all the time, me thinks she would just like to be a treee! xD I asked her a few times to help me what I am looking for and all I get is well you look at this sheet of paper to see where your at and write about it, yes I know that but how do we evaluate it? Do we take each section at a time or look at it on a whole? :o


I have even asked my learning mentor, placement supervisor and my dad for help, umm guess what they are all just like me lost!!!! :rolleyes:


Oh I wish I could get it all over and done with it then I can conterate on the second semister much more fun not! ;) We do the other part of this module which is Core Skills for the Workplace um more of the same, I am sure this realtes to the Personal Development Mangaement 1 module :( and then ICT module oh we get shown how to use the computer programmes which we have not used before (yes I do I have Intergrated Business Techology Stage 2!!!!) :ph34r: and how to use the IWB (yippeee need to learn this one) :wacko: and Rommers/Beebots(this one I know how to programme!) :ph34r: All I can say is roll on year 2 part time course please! xD


Roll on 2007 for more fun and games, that is complete the first year of the part time route and find this elusive job I need WHERE ARE YOU? I know your out there somewhere, just come out where I can see you!!!!! :unsure:




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Hi Beth


I understand how you feel...like banging your head up a brick wall :o


I too have been working on my assignment for FD, wanted to get it finished before Christmas so i can relax and enjoy the festive season; you know eating, drinking and being merry....very merry :(


well i hit my brick wall and my mind went blank, which happens quite often :( anyway i thought 'blow it' and had a break, went out to visit family etc etc...


went to bed and PING, the penny dropped!... it was there in black and white (well in my mind!) tossed and turned kept thinking i'll do it tomorrow, but no i've had to get up and put it all down (hence this ridiculous time of posting xD )


oh well at least i can go to sleep now..... just realised it's CHRISTMAS EVE :D


sorry this doesn't help you with your core skills (got to look at mine in new year :wacko: ) but at least your not on your own.


If i do have any brainwaves...which i doubt xD ... i'll post again at a more respectable time :(


Have a good Christmas and hope your 'penny drops'!



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