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Ideas For Sights And Sounds Theme


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Make a travel agent with a difference... one to take you to the stars and other planets? Or a rocket ship - with a tunnel to crawl through is fun if you have one.


Do night sky pics in a box or outside splattering white paint on black paper. A cheap toothbrush works well.


Read the Aliens are coming by Colin McNaughton - R and Y1 classes like it.


Use Google earth if you have internet access. The zoomed out earth is very visual then you can zoom in which is good.


Sounds a fun topic! :)

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We have just had a space theme running in our nursery - the chidlren thoroughly enjoyed having a rocket role-play area.

There are lots of good songs and other activity ideas on the preschool education site


Paper plates make a great base for art and craft activities based on the planets - bubble painting with grey paint makes a very effective moon landscape.


We read 'Whatever Next' and 'The Jigaree' to inspire our rocket role-play.


I think the book 'Peace at Last' is about the same bear family and is a good starting point for a theme on sounds.

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