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Nvq3 Ccld Smart Objectives


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I am a couple of months into my NVQ3 and we have been asked to do an Action Plan using SMART Objectives. I am finding this very hard as my areas for improvement are not easy to fix, they are personal faults rather than gaps in my training.


I wondered if other students are chosing their weaknesses to suit the training they already have planned and changes they are already planning in their practices. Or is that cheating??!?




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Hi Debbie,


No real help, I'm afraid, just wanted to say Hi and welcome - I spend a fair bit of time either in or passing through your town - bet we've rubbed shoulders without realising it!



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Hello again


No my faults are not too personal to share.


I find it hard to say no to parents and often end up doing too much. However, this is not neccessarily a negative point as it is probably why I am fully booked and all my parents are happy.


The other one is a lack of confidence in my skills as an educator. When I began childminding there was no pressure to teach, just to care. Obviously we did teach in the same everyday way most parents do but never planned, observed or recorded. I have done all the training possible and implemented a paperwork system - the only way this will improve is with time. I cannot do much to improve this!


Thanks for the welcome.



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Hi Debbie, You are obviously a very reflective person and you have identified areas you feel need developing, and have already begun to develop them.

Maybe you could identify SMART objectives to show how you will 'monitor' your development.

ie: You say you often can't say no and therefore end up doing too much.


Decide how you can make more focused decisions on which requests you deal with, which ones can be delegated to others and which ones you can actually refer back to parents to deal with themselves ( thus enabling their personal development).

Measure how many times you use and stick to these criteria in the future ( perhaps a 3 month timescale) then measure how much time you have gained through using this method of action or referral. ie: Each request you refer to someone else you have saved time by not dealing with it yourself. Was the outcome the same as if you had dealt with it yourself? possible answers yes / no / don't know.



Lack of confidence re 'Teaching' as compared to 'caring' this is a good opportunity to introduce peer observations which may be difficult as a childminder, another way to measure your 'teaching' ability is to actually evaluate your planning in the context of the teaching style used, rather than evaluating what the children achieved.


Hope that helps.



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Hi Debbie


Our NVQ candidates are encouraged to choose 3 SMART targets - we usually recommend they choose one associated with work, one associated with the NVQ and one personal.


So, for example, a candidate might choose to update First Aid certificate, Complete NVQ by December 2007 and learn to knit! These will be reviewed and updated throughout the life of the portfoilio.


Hope this helps.



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