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We until now have always done individual readers. I have 30 children in my class. So it has been achievable during the week. We are now being asked to do guided reading toao and being reluctant to give up individual readers we're going to try doing both.


I've worked out how this will fit into a fortnightly cycle - whereby we'll guided read with everyone over the course of two weeks - and the week in which they do their guided reading, they won't be read with individually, just have their books changed. Make sense? :o


anyway... as this is obviously going to take a bit of organisation I was wondering how much record keeping people kept for guiding reading... I was just planning to have a big planner with all the children on in groups and just annotate it as necessary... I hate making work and assessment for the sake of it... and try to keep assessment to only what I actually NEED!


I'm also taking all the objectives I want the children to meet in terms of reading and listing books we have in school that can be used to achieve those particular objectives...


Hope all that makes sense... is it similar to everyone else?

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We use Rigby reading books and the teachers book has a very handy guided reading record sheet

It has a place for childrens names

the book title

the objectives


next step


Should add I dont do guided reading until the summer term and then only with those children who I feel need to All of the children are heard individually every week

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This probably won't be much help ...but do you really HAVE to do it. I don't do it anymore (we do individual readers) and my daughter's school (which gets the most amazingly fantastic results) has NEVER done it!

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We do individual readers and introduce guided reading for those in reception who are ready, in the summer term

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