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I am the teacher and manager in a nursery attached to a school.

We have private provision attached to our nursery (run by the governing body) enabling us to provide wraparound care for our 3-4year olds and sessions for 2-3year olds.


I am in process of writing job descriptions and person specifications for the following jobs (being readvertised as part of school review)

* Grade 2 position (early years practitioner) - leads & plans for 2-3's sessions, and activiites for wraparound children. Organises room used for both these sessions.

* Grade 1 position (nursery assistant) - supports 2-3's sessions.

* Grade 1 position (nursery assistant) - supports 3-4's sessions.


- I have school teaching assistant job descriptions to work from but would be interested to know what other nursery job descriptions include.


Thanks for your help.

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