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Hi all

Hope all is well.

I wander if someone can help me. i have eprofile on my computer, someone helped me put program on last year. She also installed printer but the problem is I can't print now. How can I load printer on again. Please help. Your help will be REALLY appreciated

Thanks in advance.


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You will find that there are a number of things you won't be able to do in eProfile if you don't have a printer installed on your computer.


I suggest you check the following, assuming you are using Windows XP:


Click on Start

Click on Settings

Click on Printers and Faxes

Check to see that you have a printer installed. If not, you will need to install a printer within this window using the Add Printer icon.






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OK - Plan B


Within eProfile, click on Setup then Print Setup.

Check that the correct printer is selected from the dropdown box at the top and that the paper is set to A4 (assuming that it is A4 paper you are using!!).

Check that the source is Auto

Check the orientation (should be Portrait)


Assuming a local printer it might also help if you checked the connection to the computer AND that it is switched on! (Just going for the obvious!!) Also check it hasn't run out of ink or toner!


If you have done all that, then it should work..........(he says!)


Offhand I can't think of anything else obvious that needs to be checked.


Except....... which version are you using? Is it the latest (2.4.4)? If not, it might be worth trying to either download the latest version or just reinstall the software into the same location (make sure you have a backup first!).





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