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At school we are having a Literacy Day in the last week of Term. Have at least a week to work around a book - plan and create a display in the hall at school and then think of ideas for parents to take part in when we open the school to them to see our work. also need to have lots of ideas to keep the children busy on the day (although i suppose this could be a repeat of activities already compleeted?)


I have chosen to do Handa's surprise to tie in with our Africa topic which is working towards a performance at the Staff Development centre the day before - in front of other schools involved in the dance, art, music project!


HAs any one used this book and got any ideas covering all aspects of the FS Curriculum?


Any ideas would be very useful - the whole Africa project is draining my ideas bank!!



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Hi Sarah, when we "do" this story, we buy a selection of tropical fruits and use our senses to explore them before and after cutting, including tasting either as separate fruits or as a fruit salad. -allergy aware-.


We identify and name the fruit, many children muddle melon & lemon!

you can also make observational drawings of individual fruits or of a selection.


you can talk about sharing & presents etc and how about balancing baskets on your head! Some of my children have seen this when on holiday in native lands so are quite blase about it too!


I expect others can think of other ideas.

Have fun.



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Don't know what sort of display you have in mind for the hall but how about a life size (drawn round one of the children) model of Handa - there is a host of opportunities for mathematical development in terms of size, estimation, calculating, comparisons etc etc the cut out could be 'dressed' with a variety of textures and encompass the use of several exciting mediums.


Oh! creativity is my thing and I have visions of a huge wall and all those animals Handa met along the way - lucky you :D good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Hi Sarah


I have recently created a story sack with a variety of activities linked to Handas surprise. I included wild animal stencils, A journeys game that enabled children to create silly sentences about journeys and two other books based on transport.

The extra books were chosen to try to encourage boys reading. They were My big book of transport and Engines Engines (the indian counting rhyme) probalby not much use with an african theme going on.


If you would like more detail or copies of my stuff i could send if e-mail to you. However im only a student and im not sure my work would be sufficient for your needs.


Good luck with the displays- im hopeless at being creative



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I love this story. Not much to add but we hae made puppets (simple stick puppets can be done without adult support (after demonstration) with some kids) and masks, which is really great for imaginative play.


Dianne xxx

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Physical Development - balance a basket or other items on your head and walk around with it.

Mathematicl Development - counting fruits, total numbers of items, vocabulary of adding and subtracting. describe a simple journey.

CLL - Describe main story, sequence story, make a list of fruits goals for reading.

PSED goals for sence of community.

KUW - talk about visitors to their home, ELG for sence of time.

Creative - role play, dance to african music - Traidcraft sell a good CD.

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