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We have had the ofsted call they are in mon and tue of next week!! I teach reception and Im planning to use a big book in literacy and base activities around this. Got loads to do for free choice but I'm struggling for a guided writing focus!! We are going to play whats in the cauldron? (variation of PWS whats in the bag) and make hot chocolate, sort bugs, make playdough spiders using pipecleaners for legs etc but wanted a fab guided write to wow them! Any ideas gratefully appreciated!

Plus one more question - outdoor area? If it is freezing and/or raining those two days should I still be allowing my ch free access to outdoor area or take them out in small groups for a focus? We do not have bikes trikes etc? Would ofsted critise us for not allowing them continuous access to outdoor area?

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If you can manage to have the outdoor area open I think the children would be happier, never mind OFSTED!

Maybe the children could make magic potions in the water tray?

Throw bean bags onto alphabet mat to spell simple words/ give initial sounds for words related to the story?

Draw Winnie with playground chalks?

Find and sequence pictures from the story?

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