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has anyone got any weekly planning grids they would like to share.

we have one that lists each area eg water sand markmaking etc but we were thinking should we have one that covers the six areas of learning.

I looked over nearly 40 pages of old posts yesterday in planning and assessments but couldnt find anything suitable. xD

hope everyone got an advent calendar and have enjoyed your chocalate :o

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I think that what most people do is, as you have done, look at others and take bits from a variety of models, then devise thier own for what works for them and their setting.


Good luck, planning and how it is presented is, I don't think, ever static, it is a work in progress all the time. :o


Started an advent calender at work, no chocolate though. We have 2 picture cards in each pocket, Christmas related, the children are shown the cards at the beginning of the day, then we hide one in the setting, the child that finds it gets a treat of orange and raisins. On Friday it was a picture of an angel. :D


The children are very interested in hide and seek at the moment, so enjoyed this Christmas twist to their play theme.



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