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Ba Honours In Childhood Studies


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Can anyone help me. I have received an invitation to go along to find out about this course and would like to know if anyone knows what it would cover etc.

I would like to do some more training bu I am not sure what course to start on. I am level 3 trained.

thanks :)

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I did my degree in this, i graduated in 2005.


It covered loads, but of the top of my head


Year one

Multiprofessional perspectives one

Rights of the child

Exploring families

child pscyhology

childhood and youth inquiry one


Year two

Multiprofessional perspectives two

Legal issues (or something like that!)

Health and well~being

schooling and youth

Childhood and youth inquiry two

play (a whole unit on play, in western society and others, theorists etc)

child psychology


Year three


Childhood and youth inquiry three

optional unit ( i chose health)


Multiprofessional perspectives three


Im sure there are a few units i have missed off but im sure you get the general jist :o


Its a multiprofessional degree, which as you can see covers lots, up to age 18.

We had to do normally one essay (2,500 words) for each unit and used to do presentations for a few as well, some of these were individual and would be tape recorded, others were group work.

We had to carry out some small scale research projects which helped to prepare us if we were doing research for our dissertation.

there was two exams in the final year, and a class test in the second year.


I studied at crewe and Alsager, but i think the content of the degree is similar wherever you study.


hope this helps


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Hi Jessica,

I have just begun my foundation degree in childhood and adolescent studies, which is a 2 yr course and then a 3rd year will be my BA.

I am a manager of a pre school and am level 3 and at the mo, lovin the course.


If you look through the forum index, u will find bits and pieces about degree's and other courses under training. If I knew how to do a link I would but unfortunately slightly pc illiterate. (I think thats how u spell it)


Net xx



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Ive just been printing off the details ofpart time BA courses for one of the NNEBs who works with me


Donr know if this will help


Care and Education: Early Years is a multidisciplinary course preparing students for work in the types of integrated services that increasingly employers and policy makers are developing.


The programme will be tailored to suit the requirements of individual students, but the modules taken will include the following:



Introduction to care and education

Care and education in context A

Study skills

Understanding infants

Understanding young children

Childhood and schooling

Perspectives on childhood

Play and the early years curriculum

Understanding later childhood

Childhood in context

Perspectives on parenting

2 option units

Promoting development

Care and education in context B

Services in the Community

Aspects in care and education: managing people

Complementary roles in care and education

Joint honours project proposal

Care and education project or childhood studies project

Early language and communication

Childhood and human rights

Where the Hobgoblins are: images of the child in the community

Perspectives on childhood in children's literature

Independent project

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