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About two weeks ago the hard drive on my school laptop decided to 'give up' on me.


Hence I lost an absolute pile of work - the moral is back up everything....as I will do!!!


I did have a document called 'Phonics Games' with some nice activities on it but after doing a search for it I cannot find it.


Does anyone have the word document, or if you could direct me to it I would be very happy!!


Thanks to Marion who I have emailed for help after having a little cry as all my planning had gone!


Never mind it's my own fault as my husband says..................


Thanks in advance!

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Big empathy Beckyann, My laptop hard drive crashed a while ago, I thought all was lost. Hubby took it to a local computor repair shop and £40 later, and a cleaned fan :o and all was well. :D


I could not even turn the computor on, yet it was saved. Is repair an option for you????


I now have back up CD's and a seperate hard drive in case my CD's get scratched and won't read.



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Hi Peggy and Marion

Many thanks for your help Marion but they were different games, I'll have another look! They were simple phonic activities for less able children.

Peggy, unfortunately the laptop was sent away to be repaired by computer technicians. It has been sent back with a new hard drive and absolutley nothing left on it. I have had to re-install everything. I have learnt my lesson.

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