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First of all I must say what a GREAT web site this is WELL DONE.


I work in an on site full day care nursery within the NHS.

We are expected to plan weekly in the same room as resting/sleeping children

(3- 4 year olds), as you can imagine this is not at all ideal, we are discussing the progress, development and needs of individual children, we have addressed this with our manager but she won't change it as she can't come with a suitable time or place for us to plan.


Any ideas????

When do you all plan?

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Hello and welcome this site is a fantastic resource, but carefull it can become addictive!!!


I currently work in a playgroup and get a 'session' off each week to plan. It's not normally enough time and we end up using extra time at home, but it's better than nothing. I guess I'm very fortunate!


In my previous job in a day nursery, the manager (very sympathetic and supportive) used to come in a read a story while we (three staff) discussed the next weeks planning but as room supervisor I had to do the majority of the planning at home as I was paid more and it was my responsibility, the time the manager was in was never enough and being in a room with the children and planning was virtually impossiible.


It's really hard especially if you feel she is not giving you the support you need. :o

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Hi Julieali,

welcome in!

As a teacher, we have allocated after school hours when we plan as a team but the classroom nitty gritty is completed at home.

Thats not much help to you, I guess, and I appreciate your difficulties as I can't plan adequately in my classroom with children present.

Presumably you can't get any paid time without the children so I suppose you have to manage as best you can as you are, at least you've aired your difficulties.

Good luck.



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Because it's just me and my TA (Reception class) we don't have any real planning time together - but she's lovely & often stays until 4, chatting about things to do with planning, the children etc. Should be having 1/2 hour non-contact time a week (co-ordinator time) - think we should use it for planning and then use my own time for the art stuff. Thanks all for leading me to have this thought! :D


Dianne xxx

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Hi Julie,

How many staff are trying to do the planning in this room? Is there any scope for one staying to watch over the sleeping children, and the remaining staff going elsewhere? You could do it on a rota basis, and just pass on the planning to that one member of staff. Clearly not ideal, but at least those staff involved in planning have a better chance of doing so if they're not constantly thinking of the children sharing the room :o That one member of staff would need to be sure that she could contact the others immediately should the need arise.

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Thanks Helen I will run that idea past the boss.

The problem we have is that we take in 25 children, 4 Months - 5 year old

and we have only 2 rooms one for the under 1's and the other for the over 2's.

11 of the over 2's have to rest/sleep in the under 2's bay as there isn't enough room in the over 2's as you can imagine this takes most of the staff to cover this period of the day 4 in total in the baby room and the 4 staff planning keeping an ear open for the others.


What are the ratios for sleeping/resting children????

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