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Hi hope someone can help.


We are using the eProfile for the first time this academic year and so far so good. We had half our class start in September - 15 children and for those 15 have completed a "E" for entry mark and a "AutumnA" - we are next due to add information at the end of this term - autumnB.


My question is this, for the other 15 children who started on 31st October how do we complete the eprofile for them because if we give them a 'E' for entry then an 'autumnB' it might look as though they took 2 terms to progress when in actual fact it was only one term.


Does this make any sense?


Must go am on playground duty.

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To quote someone more closely involved with the development of eProfile than me, Entry is a virtual point - it's when the pupil arrives into the group. :o


To me, what you are proposing is quite acceptable as the entry point for these pupils is the second half of the Autumn term. The fact that there are no recorded assessments for the first half of the term is irrelevant as the pupils were not in the school and, because of this, you can easily justify any perceived "lack of progress" during this time.


In any case, the tracking element of the software is to aid your planning and you know what progress individual pupils are making - the time that assessments were recorded is not part of the data that is sent via the CTF to DfES.



I shouldn't worry about this - there are more important things in life!! :D





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