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Latest Eprofile Version (2.4.4)


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The latest version of the software is now available for download from http://schoolsportal.suffolkcc.gov.uk/schools/FSP/index.htm. :)


There is one change in this version - The CTF tag <AcademicYear> now reflects the position of pupils moving from year -1 into year 0. This is needed if schools/settings wish to import data from eprofile in CTF format. Please note that eProfile should not be used for the purpose of importing new pupil names into your MIS.


If you are being supported by the LEA in using eProfile you might be better to wait for their advice to download and upgrade the software as they may prefer to issue instructions for you after testing the new version.


However, for those who can't wait, won't wait, or whose LEA is rather slow in issuing advice :o :


(1) Before installing this version, make sure you have a backup of your data from the current version. You can do this by going into eProfile, then exiting and selecting YES when asked if you wish to make a backup.

(2) From the page listed above, click on Version 2.4.4 and save the program to a local disk.

(3) Find the program (called FSP244.exe) using Windows Explorer or My Computer and either double click on it or Open it.

(4) You will be asked where you wish to install the program. Select the location where the previous version (and your data) is stored. This will probably be the default location for most schools.

(5) When asked if you want to install shortcuts on the desktop and quick launch bar, select YES.

(6) Run eProfile and check that the version number (2.4.4) appears at both the top and bottom of the screen and that your data is intact.


Everything should now be working as before................. :D




John R

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