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I know there has already been some discussion on this but i'm wondering if anyone in a Nursery Setting could tell me waht they do?


I'm in a nursery with a Nursery Nurse. At the moment we have a snack time and all sit down together. However our numbers are on the rise and we do not have enough space to all sit together any more. ( this would mean bringing in another table using up valuable floor space).


If you do a rolling snack how do you 'police' it. . How do you ensure that:

1) the children are having a snack

2) they are not eating more than their share (we have on piece of fruit each.)


Having only two adults in the setting I would rather not have to have one of us attached to the snack table. One of us needs to be outside and if the other is having to check on the snack situation they are unable to interact and support the remaining children indoors. :o

Any advice and ideas on how you do yours would be appreciated.

Sorry to go on a bit


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Children have photo and name labels on their milk and we have a rule that they get their milk and ruit at the same time. They know they are only allowed one piece of fruit and it usually works. This is a nursery class setting. We do have to show the new ones what to do as part of settling in, but apart from that it works. Towards the end of the session we call children who have not had a snack. In fact, children are keen to do this too. We also have a jug of water and some cups available, and children know that they need to have their milk first. Even the tinies help themselves to water and put the used cup in the 'dirties' basket.

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As Beau has linked, lots to read, I'd just like to emphasise that a change like this does need time to embed, for both staff and children, if you decide to give it a try allow at least half a term for everyine to accustomise themselves to the change of routine.


I'm preschool and have used the rolling snack bar for over 10 years, it is viewed like any other activity. We wouldn't say all children have to paint all at the same time to make supervision easier, thus the same with snacks and drinks. ( if you see what I mean) :o


Good luck, let us know how you get on.




p.s. children will define their own individual timetable/ routine as to when they use the snack bar, ie: I have some who access it immediately they arrive, others during the session at what does become their own 'body clock' times and a few who wouldn't use it at all if not reminded xD

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