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Hi dear friends!

Won't go into too many details - but have a little one coming into my reception class who has 'global developmental delay' and is stated to be working simular to a two and half year old.

He had i-i support in pre-school, but appears to be falling short for funding / help in mainstream.


At present (this term) he is attending afternoons only. After Xmas full-time.


Help appears to be (well completely non-existant)


I am hopefully having an EP visiting soon who will observe and advise/ school have said they will self fund someone for half the day (but not specifically to just his own needs/ sub-group to be set up)


I'll admit I'm completely lost on this. At the moment it feels as if I'm 'baby-sitting' to his needs. Have no idea where to begin assessment or propose to intergrate into the curriculum.


EP said there was something called first steps for assessment. Haven't had any more info through and time is running out before next term (want things in place for him then)


Anyone heard of 'first steps'? or suggestions for assessment criteria which will be of use to myself and proposed meeting with EP (when it eventually happens!)


Foundation curriculum seems totally unassessable at the moment to his development & communication.


Thanks in advance for any help



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there is One step at a time - supporting children's progress towards the stepping stones. Could use this as a starting point? It is published by Featherstone education.


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Don't panic! I was in exactly the same situation as you last year, had a traveller child with 1 term at nursery join us, with a diagnosis of global delay and working at about 2 and a half years developmentally.

He had no sense of danger, tried to escape and leave the premises, couldn't sit still for more than 3 mins and trod over everyone to get where he wanted!! etc.

His behaviour was a danger to others and himself in a reception setting so we called in our behaviour support team and they gave us emergency earmarked pupil funding for a term. He attended half a day only for nearly the whole year as he couldn't physically and emotionally cope with reception for a whole day.

We had an early years advisor in to offer advice and the EP saw him too, oh and a speech therapist!!

He now attends full time and is staying in reception again this year, the curriculum is much more appropriate for him and he has made huge strides forward. We have nearly got a statement secured for him too, although with the funding of SEN changing him we don't know if this will bring more money! We have had to provide a full time TA 1:1.

He is a loving and delightful boy and the children accept him without question and he fits in much better this year although we still have to differentiate his curriculum.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck with your little one.

Liz x

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our children when they are on support at pre-school altermatically go on to school with support. is it because your LEA won't fund it or the school hasn't got enough funding ?

Our children at pre-school sometimes only get 1-2 sessions but the schools will always match what they have had at pre-school, and sometimes give them more. Our Borough SENCO go with the children for visits with the parents and the children to make sure the school is well aware of what the child's needs are.

The teachers in Reception also come and see us to see the child in our setting and find out from us how we cope with their needs.

That way there are no surpises for any one.

good luck with your little one. I have one that I will be passing on next year unless he has a miraculous turn around in the next 2 terms.!!

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Thanks for replies

EP coming in next week - hopefully I will get further guidence then. No - there is no funding for this little one/ hence the frustration as it feels as though the education system is setting up to fail. All avenues explored have been non-responsive - which considering the amount of people involved is .. well... quite disgusting in my opinion. School has tried desparately all obvious routes and an application for statement is in process. But we know this will not be fully processed or accessed until end of year at the earliest.

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