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We have an outdoor area, that is surrounded by railings. Nothing can be left outside due to theft and vandalism, so ALL equipment has to be taken outside at the start of the day, and inside at the end. Smaller items can be stored in a cupboard if we are not using them, but larger ones have to remain outside.


This means that when the younger children go outside, there are often larger bikes and scooters, etc, that are completely inappropriate - naturally, the children are drawn to these items.


I have seen one nursery that have their own baby garden, which is sectioned off from the rest, and which contains age and stage appropriate equipment.


I am considering this for our garden - and am looking for bright ideas of how to section it off - bearing in mind vandalism. We would put up a permanent bit of fencing, or have something less permanent, that can be taken down for when the older children require more space??

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Hi, sounds like a challenge. The best advice I can give as a passionate outdoor provider is to join Learning Through Landscapes. Just type in www. Learningthrough landscapes and you should find it.

They have an annual charge, but it is wonderful. You will have a advice line connection to a national expert for any issues.


They advise from 0- 6+.


Hope that is ok.

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Your LA may have an outdoor advisor too which would probably be free so worth a call. At the moment all I can think of is maybe using hinged railing that could be folded back for the older children and enclose the area for younger children when required.

Learning from Landscapes is great and well worth a look.











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we have 2 areas which are sectioned foo with fencing which allows the babies to still see what is happening in the other area and allows siblings to interact with each other. the fencing has a lift out panel so that we can use the whole area for the older children if we want to this works really well for us as we do have all the nursery out together sometimes and it allows the smaller children to safely explore the outdoor environmrnt and doesnt hinder the opportunities available to the older vhildren

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