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I've been given some money to spend building up a lending library for the parents at our nursery- I'm looking for some good basic child development books as well as books of ideas for things to do with their children at home, ways in which they can support their learning, etc. etc. I can also take out a couple of subscriptions to magazines.


Any good suggestions?

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For the magazines I would definately go with Nursery World, because it is relatively small, so not too much heavy reading involved, it is informative, and does a nice parents section every so often with photocopiables and information.


I would also recommend Nursery Education, but only because it gives activity ideas which some parents may be able to do with their children at home.


In terms of child dev books, I would, again, go for something relatively easy such as 'Child Development - An Illustrated Guide' by Carolyn Meggitt and Gerald Sunderland. I have the second edition and it was a god send when I was doing my NVQ, but I believe there is a third edition now too.

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Mary Sheridan's 'Child Development Birth to Five' (I think that's the title - I lent my copy to someone and have never seen it since! :o )


'The Thinking Child' by Nicola Call and Sally Featherstone - nice and accessible


there are others, but off the top of my head can't recall details.


Will try to remember to get back to you!



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