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hi all


I currently run a sessional pre-school within a village hall, mornings only which i opened 12 months a go. I have lots of children who attend other settings because we cannot offer longer sessions (the hall is used by others) and also parents who keep asking if we can extend our hours.


I have been looking at the possibility of opening a pre-school attached to our local primary school,(but run independently) which would offer sessions all day, 9 to 3ish for 3 - 5 years olds. (may also consider younger children, longer days, if theres a need in our local area) I have details from Lilliput Nursery, Portakabin. They are beautiful, :D but sooooo expensive, :o


I was wondering what other settings charge for this type of care. (At the moment we charge £6.50 per session, this seems to be the going rate in our area, for a sessional pre-school.) I understand that each area differs, but wasn't sure if fees are more on par with private day care rates when you care for them most of the day. hope this makes sense xD


I know there is a lot of 'red tape' and different procedures etc to follow than what i do at the moment, that dosen't worry me as i have a very good and supportive early years team at the moment (and headmaster) who would support me every step of the way.


The first thing that jumps out at me is covering the cost of the building. I have people looking into possible funding etc but the majority of overheads would have to be covered by income from fees.


I was hoping if you operate within this kind of set up, you wouldn't mind sharing some details of maybe fees charged etc or if you know of other contacts instead of Lilliput


Sorry for the long post :D i look forward to your replies



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After 4 years of battling through red tape, planning permissions etc etc etc we have just started the building works for our pre-school which will be on the grounds of our local primary school! (we will be independant though) We are having a Homelodge which is a timer framed building which comes with all the trimmings, low sinks, low toilets, sky lights etc (cant wait!!). However, it has been un uphill struggle all the way!! We couldnt get any grants as we were considered to be in an affluent area!!!!! So after exhausting all other possibilities we approached the community loan fund! They have been brilliant! We have a 90K loan, but they are flexible and if the pre-school goes through a bad patch they offer payment breaks etc! We are still a charity but changed to a company limited by guarentee (loads and loads of paperwork). To pay for the loan we will be running an after school club! And as we were offering a new service (the after school club) Sure start have given us £15,000 towards equipment for that club (not pre-school). You can get more money depending on the services you are offering.


The Supervisor has worked so hard on this and struggled for sooo long to get this project off the ground, with seemingly very little help from the Council or other 'powers that be' , so you having a supportive Early years department is crucial!!!


Good luck!


Jenni x

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I think you will find that yor fees will be in line with local authority funding . If you assume that your children will be doing five sessions at that rate then you willl bet the baseline for your income. You may be able to charge more for additional sessions but you need a baseline for your budgeting.

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I am the FSC at my primary school and our on site playgroup folded a couple of years ago thro bad management and ill feeling. I was approached by anothe school who had a part time playgroup and wanted to move because that didn't get on well with the head of the school. We had meetings and agreed to let them open up at our school as long as they took on the chidren we still had waiting for a place. They were able to run full time aas they were only P/t before. They work independently where finance is concerned but are under our Early Years "umbrella" with me keeping an eye on what they do. We now work very closely together. They run a wrap around service for the children at our nursery as we are only a P/t nursery and are so successful they have just increased their numbers. They charge £5 per session and £3 for lunch toime cover. (The children bring their own sandwitches). it has become a great partnership with a brilliant reputation. The success of working together. I would approach your school & speak to the head and especially the FSC.

Good luck with it. :D

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