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Nursery Daycare Information Booklett For Parents?


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I have been given the task of writing an information booklett for parents.What should it include?This is new to me as I have just moved into this post.


Has anyone got any examples or know where I could get one or two to take a look at.


Yhanks :o

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Hi Teachers

Firstly I am going to move this to amore appropriate forum for you.

Secondly, it depends what sort of a booklet you are producing. Is it about your setting, information on the foundation stage or a bit of verything?

We have lots of information. One is a folded leaflet we give to parents when the first register their child. This gives basic info such as opening times, our philosophy, a very brief idea of what we do, age they can start, staff details etc.

Our booklet , when they start with us, has information about who we are, what we do, timetable of the morning, staff details again, telephone numbers, email adderess etc. All the things they are going to need to know while their child is with us. The booklet tells them about fees and nursery funding, and we have a section on birth to three and the foundation stage. I'm afraid it's a bit too big to post on here, it's about twelve sides of A4.

I'm sure others will have other things they put in theirs but I hope I have given you a start.


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Try the Surestart website, i beleive there are information leaflets to download which are aimed at informing parents of what to look for, what can be on offer etc when deciding about childcare and education provision.



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