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I was wondering if anyone had any experience writing Social Stories for children with eating disorders. I wrote some previously in my last job for children with autism (their intended purpose), but the eating disorders clinic that one of our children attends suggesting them to help with his eating.


Have found some generic examples on the internet but wondered if any of you had seen them working with children with eating disorders. The child is 4.



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i have a child with an eating disorder in my group and i have used book about foods here are some


sams sandwich

eat your peas

how are you peeling foods with moods

i eat fruit

i eat vegetables

dont put your finger in the jelly nelly


we have also done lots of food related activities to encourage the child to try foods


i hope this is of help to you xjojomx

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Thank you Jojom, I will have a look at some of those online and then order a few. I was more wondering whether you had made your child a book of their own, using photos of them and their families. The story of the book is then made up by us and looks at the issues that the child is currently facing, i.e. not eating certain/all foods.


Like your idea about food related activities, might be good to get him cooking. Am off getting over flu at the moment but will suggest it as soon as I get back.


Jules xx

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