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Post Ofsted Ict Audit


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Recently taken over as I. C.T. coordinator, (which greatly amused my son,) and we have had it classed as an issue at school in our Ofsted this week. I'm not too worried as we do need to work on it and I do want to increase my knowledge so we are all looking at it in a positive way. So my question is does anyone have a good I.C.T audit for a 3-11 year old school? It would help me set off in the right direction. Any other advice would also be greatfully received. Meanwhile I am playing nicely at finding good sites and teaching myself digital photography and how to use Clicker 5.

Regards Lynda

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This also has good info on but not sure if you have to subscribe for some things:


Becta is the best though

Also your LEA should have ICT advisors and possibly ICT cluster groups who can help - have to pay for courses/advice usually

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