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:o i am sorry to ask for help with this again but I am really getting in apickle about my planning and daily organisation I don't feel as if i get anything finished and i am sure i am trying to do too much to soon - my more experiemnced TA says this is true. I wasin Y1 ;last year and I think that is part of the problem. Would anyone who has just reception and only for mornings mind giving me a brief idea of how they run their morning and possibly what their daily planning looks like - sorry to be so thick I am sure I am close to getting it right but it just needs tweaking I think
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I am sure your problem is the one you have already identified. You are doing too much!


This is my morning:

1 short teacher directed input - usually a story

quick wiggle about/brain gym/water/action song etc

another short teacher directed input - phonics

1 hour of plan do review with free flow

1 short teacher directed input - phonics/writing/story


1 short teacher directed input - numeracy or ?

teacher initiated activities with 1 focus group

short review time

home time for mornings only

lunch time for all dayers


I don't get particularly hung up on rotating groups - we use tick lists to ensure all children have participated in a particular activity and often this will take us all week (especially with morning only children)


Now I am older ! I do what works for me, and I am constantly reflecting and sometimes changing things - particularly as they children mature over the year.


Does this help?

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Thank you that is pretty similar to what i do now but think I am trying to do toomuch and probably keeping them on carpet for too long are your focus activities in PDR time linked to the phonics or is it a writing job this is where ithink i am going wrong thanks for your help.

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In answer to your query about the focus group during PDR...



we have been told by our early years advisor that NO focus group should be taking place during PDR!, however, we have do sometimes have one 'group work' going on during plan do review, when we require the children to do something - this varies, it is often literacy based. We also have started to have a suggested activity for children during PDR as we feel some children need a little support to get going. This 'suggested activity' is a take it or leave it activity for the children to do if they want and often has an adult helping.


Towards the middle/end of the year we have a writing day on Wednesday when we run PDR all morning and call the children over to write with either myself or my TA (being very sensitive to when we call them) The early years advisor would be horrified if she knew we were calling them during PDR but we have really, really tried her way and it was a nightmare. Having read how people organise their day on this forum gave me the courage to change and I have never looked back!


Hope that wasn't all too confusing!

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I think the idea of a 'rule' like that from an advisor is difficult to always follow. We all have styles and routines that suit us, and more importantly the children. My last two classes have been SO different - the first needed to learn to play without adult intervention as they found this really hard. This year they play beautiful imaginative games - and are too busy to come to us!

We need to take the lead from the children dont we?



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